Ubiquiti Networks AirOS v5.6-BETA5 (firmware)

Hi Guys,

We are releasing next airOS v5.6-BETA5 for your enjoyment. Below you will find the most important changes and firmware images by different series.

AirOS v5.6-BETA5 Change Log:
— New: Update hostapd/wpa_supplicant to the latest available stable version (v2.1 final)
— New: Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.0.1h, fix for SSL/TLS MITM vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224)
— New: Open 5150-5250MHz frequency range for United States and Puerto Rico (U.S. territory) countries. It applies for products:
RocketM5 Titanium
NanoStationM5 Loco

— Fix: IPv6 interface configuration flaw in case of PPPoE Setup
— Fix: IPv6: DHCPv6 with PD (prefix delegation) expected
— Fix: Station sometimes can not reconnect to AP
— Fix: AirMax Capacity/Quality calculation/reporting with Fixed Rates
— Fix: STA with security ON can connect to AP with security OFF
— Fix: TX flow control and multiqueue support. (XW)
— Fix: Error after run Speed Test (XW)
— Fix: ACK/Distance miscalculation when connecting to XM AP. (HT8, HT30, XW)
— Fix: AP/STA performance issues (XW, airMax).
— Fix: Site Survey improvements
— Fix: HT20 Rates are reported/used when device is configured to operate in HT40 and fixed rate is selected. Alternative rate module selected
— Fix: SNMP MIB validation issues
— Fix: Site Survey does report the same NF value for each channel (XW)
— Fix: Strange AirView view on Rocket M5 Titanium (XW)
— Fix: airSync does not work with fixed rates (XW)
— Fix: Radio has to fallback to full channel list if configured Frequency List is enabled but doesn’t contain valid frequencies (XW)
— Fix: Hide Indoor channels options must prevent from these channels usage
— Fix: Channel width gets changed from 20/40 to 5MHz during downgrade to v5.5.x airOS versions
— Fix: 900MHz v5.5.8 isn’t compatible with v5.6-Beta4
— Fix: Remote Syslog message type is «unknown»
— Fix: Last IP isn’t taken from VLAN tagged packets (XW)
— Fix: SNMP ubntStaTxBytes OID always returns «0»
— Fix: RADIUS accounting issue (XW)

— WEB UI: Manage custom scripts
— WEB UI: Extend Statistics reporting — TX/RX reporting improvement
— WEB UI: Extend Statistics reporting — Latency for each Station
— WEB UI: Disable controls while Speed Test is in progress.
— WEB UI: Selecting SSID on HT40 may change Channel width from ‘Auto HT20/40’ to ‘HT20’.
— WEB UI: Statistics — ACK/Distance display
— WEB UI: Show explanation after move mouse on RX/TX Signal labels
— WEB UI: Disable ACK slider if AirSync/Long range PtP selected
— WEB UI: Antenna alignment tool (beeper) crashes on iPhone, iMac, etc.
— WEB UI: Don’t suggest WPA key as Username for login save (Firefox)
— WEB UI: Wireless page is broken (IE8/9)
— WEB UI: Ordering by frequency improvement
— WEB UI: Statistics — ACK/Distance display.

M series: XM.v5.6-beta5.24359.141008.1753.bin in zip
TI series: TI.v5.6-beta5.24359.141008.1546.bin in zip
XW series: XW.v5.6-beta5.24359.141008.1600.bin in zip


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