Mikrotik User Manager Password Forgot?

Forgot your username and user password manager Mikrotik could be disastrous for those who manage Hotspot Mikrotik use User Manager as its user management. Because if you forget your user password manager Mikrotik, you can not change its user database. Mikrotik User Manager will give an error message response manager user proxy «invalid user name or password» if you’re wrong or forgotten user and pass his userman as shown below:

User manager Mikrotik invalid user name or password

Things to keep in mind is the username and user password manager Mikrotik is not always the same as the username and password to login to Mikrotik her, and often even different. So the question is how to reset a user’s password manager Mikrotik? Actually, no need to reset the user password manager of her, we just see the user and pass it through Terminal Winbox Mikrotik . However, it must be ensured before you can log into Mikrotik installed user manager.

Easy Ways to Overcome Forgot User name and Password User Manager Mikrotik

1. Login to use Winbox Mikrotik Mikrotik. If you do not have please download Winbox Mikrotik2. Open Terminal, enter the following command:

tool user-manager customer print

3. The result will appear as shown above. Login = user username manager, password = password manager user.
4. To reset the user password manager Mikrotik (edit passwords) can use the following command:

tool user-manager customer username password edit

Please replace user name in red paint with your username. For example, as shown above.
5. Display terminal will be changed as follows:

Please change his password, if it save by pressing ctrl + o.
6. Now his manager user password has been reset / edit as you see fit. Please try to login to Mikrotik User manager.