Ubiquiti Networks AirOS v5.6-BETA6 (firmware)

We are releasing next airOS v5.6-BETA6 for your enjoyment. Below you will find the most important changes and firmware images by different series.

AirOS v5.6-BETA6 Change Log:
— Fix: SNMP daemon is leaking memory
— Fix: LAN speed negotiation improvement after failure (NBE-M5-400 and RM5-Ti (XW))
— Fix: New Zealand should have HT40 mode on 5GHz.
— Fix: STA Device Name is truncated in SNMP reporting
— Fix: SNMP string sizes
— Fix: Station can’t connect to AP with Hidden SSID (XW)
— Fix: Discovery response leak across VLANs
— Fix: Station shows wrong «TX Signal» in AP details window
— Fix: The same channel numbering for 4920-5000MHz and 5920-6000MHz (Compliance Test).
— Fix: Default rate algorithm rate selection regression in v5.6-Beta4 release
— Fix: Disable UPnP SSDP messages in Syslog
— Fix: Main tab is empty if device name contains symbol
— Fix: Scan results buffer size limit issue (at ~200 APs found)
— Fix: Possible fix for wireless lockup (XM/TI)
— Fix: Reduce TX power to the EIRP Limit when radio is operating in Station mode or Auto frequency selection is chosen for AP
— Fix: Speedup DHCP and PPPoE clients to update IP settings after successful WPA authentication
— Fix: IPv6 prefix size
— Fix: Send RA with management flag when stateful DHCPv6 enabled
— Fix: DHCP client destroys IPv6 configuration
— Fix: SSL v3 POODLE vulnerability
— Fix: Add 5GHz frequencies for Kazakhstan

M series: XM.v5.6-beta6.25473.141210.1827.bin.zip
TI series: TI.v5.6-beta6.25473.141210.1807.bin.zip
XW series: XW.v5.6-beta6.25473.141210.1817.bin.zip

All series in One file: AirOS.v5.6.beta6.zip

Please don’t forget to create separate threads for each problem for easier troubleshooting!!!